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AZ Entrepreneurship Conference – 2007 online!

November 30, 2007 Leave a comment

The AZ Entrepreneurship Conference 2007 is now online! The excitement of putting all the event presentations online using our workflow and technology really made me proud of the things we’re accomplishing at Essential Event Technologies. The event was held on Nov 8th in Phoenix, AZ and attracted a few hundred attendees. I, unfortunately, was unable to attend. But EET generously offered to sponsor the online conference archives for the event. And that has made all the difference. That is exactly why I love doing this work. I now have not only the ability, but the convenience of watching a high-quality reproduction of the presentations that were given. I had a great seat at my workstation, where I could see Marc Canter’s entertaining talk about being a visionary in the tech world, Michael Gerber’s motivating stories about getting out there a making your dreams happen. I don’t think there are many other services or companies out there using the technology the way we are to bring conferences and events directly and conveniently to the people who aren’t able to attend them.