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vmware and turnkeylinux mount shared folders from windows7 host to ubuntu guest

I spent about a day on this, so hopefully these notes will help someone else.  I’m running VMware workstation on windows7.  I’m using the TurnkeyLinux LAMP VM as the guest. I spent almost a full day messing with VMware’s guest tools and all that nonsense.  What a waste. None of that seemed to work, and yet seemed so simple, because when I installed the TurnkeyLinux LAMP on VirtualBox, the shared folders features worked as advertised, and the Shared Folders defined in the VM options showed right up in the /media folder on the ubuntu guest… very sweet.  Unfortunately, the environment I need to plug into is a VMware based development environment.  But since VMware offers a similar feature, I figured it would be just as simple.  I’m probably missing something, or maybe there was a different toolset I needed to install, however, in the end, I went with a simpler CIFS mount from within the ubuntu guest.

So here it is step by step:

  1. apt-get install samba smbfs smbclient

    -L : put the name of the windows7 machine here
    -U : Is the username on the machine, this is what tripped me up a bit, since the laptop is on a domain, the username option needs to be in the format “DOMAIN/Username”, if you’re not on a domain I guess you can just use Username.
    This command will list all the available shared “Disk” mount points available on the window7 host.

  3. mount -t cifs //WINDOWS7-MACHINE/swshare /mnt/  \
    -o username=DOMAIN/Username,password=**********

    For the item above, I have a shared folder on the host windows7 machine at C:\swshare. After the command above, I can now see all the files in C:\swshare on the ubuntu guest at /mnt.

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  1. brett
    February 4, 2013 at 9:36 am

    the main reason why people cant use shared folders on linux is because they dont have “build-essential” and the linux headers installed.

    way i get it to work is:
    1) install ubuntu
    2) sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-header-`uname -r`
    3) mount and “reinstall” vmtools
    4) add shared folder
    5) have fun

  2. May 30, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    installed build-essential and linux headers but still doesn’t work with windows 7 and ubuntu 12.0.4 LS. tried re-installing vmware tools multiple times but to no avail.
    However this steps with CIFS helped immensely, was able to get to the files form win7 machine to ubuntu on vmware.
    Thanks so much!! got this after 2 days of trying everything

  3. September 21, 2015 at 9:24 am

    Thank you! Tried lots of solutions, but the CIFS was the only working one for my setup: Win8 + VMware Workstation 9 + ubuntu 14.04

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