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HP De-Branded Sempron 2200 – the adventure

HP De-Branded Sempron 2200+

HP De-Branded Sempron 2200+

I finally got around to buying a “starter” computer for my daughter.  I’ve been addicted to dealigg lately, and also I’ve been checking out geeks.com now and again to see if they have any decent deals going on.  Last week I was looking at geeks.com and noticed they had a few simple systems listed.  What caught my eye was the HP De-Branded Sempron for $179.00.  A pretty decent price for a new machine, keyboard, mouse, 2GB memory and 160GB hard-drive with a DVD W/R drive.

No OS, but not a problem, I was going to load XP SP3  on there.  The one thing that I *didn’t* notice on the spec page was this great line “Drivers may be hard to find”.  But that just add to the challenge, doesn’t it.

The machine arrived just 3 days after ordering, pretty fast.

Next step was to install the OS.  I loaded up XP SP3 and hit a snag.  During the disk format, the operation crashed at 75% complete.  So I restarted and used the Quick Format options the second time around.  That worked… also needed to create 2 partitions on the drive.

Now with xp running, of course none of the onboard mobo plugs worked.  No audio, video was lousy, and no ethernet port detection.  However, the USB ports were working fine, and I was able to plug in my $12 usb wireless adapter no problem.

This is when I started kicking myself.  “Driver may be hard to find”.  Ugh… just what I wanted to spend the next few hours setting this machine up.  I reasoned that the money saved on the purchase would pay for the next few hours of research.

So running XP SP3, I needed to load up video and audio drivers.  There was no information on geeks.com regarding the mobo at all. So, what’s a person to do?  Crack open the case, get a piece of paper and start writing down model  numbers printed on the mobo.

Motherboard model: M2N68-LA

After a search on google, it turns out that this is an ASUS mobo, with a Socket AM2 architecture.  So I went over to the support.asus.com website to see if there were some downloadable drivers.  I couldn’t find the exact model -LA, so I just used the base M2N68 model.  This part led me to this page:


I downloaded the NVIDIA nForce drivers for the video.  Worked perfectly.

Downloaded the audio drivers… not so good.  Didn’t seem to work.

I ended up finding this page:

It had a step by step guide on how to install the missing HD audio drivers for SP3.

Realtek High Definition Audio Driver



This driver seemed to work for me… although it was an ASUS mobo.


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  1. Angela
    June 28, 2009 at 7:31 pm

    Thanks so much! I got the same HP from geeks dot com and it was missing the etherenet and audio drivers. I used the first link you provided and now I have it up and running!

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