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Running IIS and XAMPP with the same PHP install:

September 28, 2007 Leave a comment

1. Follow these instructions on the site for modifying the php.ini file:

2. Open up the IIS control panel:

3. put php-cgi.exe in your path (environment variables)

4. Click default website properties -> home directory -> configuration

5. add .php as an extension

6. you might want to also add index.php to the Documents tab.

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flashdevelop “Warning unsupported #include”

September 5, 2007 1 comment

While trying to compile some pixlib examples in FlashDevelop I was trying to get the mx.transitions files to work.  I started getting this error: “Warning unsupported #include”.   Be brave on this one.  You’ll have to actually dig into your class and make some edits.  I know it’s scary, but just make sure to make a backup of the file.  I had to do 2 things, first, comment out the #include line.  The other thing I noticed is that FlashDevelop didn’t like the code structure in the easeIn function. So I had to create a local var s = 0; then remove the “var” from the function internals to avoid local var redeclaration issues.

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