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Returning a phone to T-Mobile

I bought a phone from t-mobile because I wanted a local phone number. I’ve moved to a new city and still have my old numbers, so locals are sometimes reluctant to call because they don’t want to call long distance. So I called t-mobile, and asked what’s the most affortable option for having a local phone number added to my account? They told me to add another line to the family plan. “And that will have the local area code?” I asked, “I don’t need another NY based line, I really need a local number”. “No problem,” replies the salesman, “the phone number will reflect the zip code where the phone is sent”. As soon as the salesman said “no problem” I should have hung up the phone.

Trouble ensues as I leave on vacation the day after the phone arrives. When I look at the phone number, sure enough, it’s a NY number. Arggg… frustrating.

It’s not that much money, but still… the thought of being reminded every month that I’ve gotten screwed is enough to put into perspective how George W probably feels about the Iraq war.

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