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unable to load SWC Cairngorm.swc: multiple points

August 17, 2007 2 comments

I’m really surprised I didn’t find more pages answering this error message in Flex Builder 2:
“unable to load SWC Cairngorm.swc: multiple points”

After trying to download and install 3 different versions of Cairngorm, I finally decided to go back to the source, the source-code that is.  Having been on windows for a long time, I’m always trying to avoid to have to compile/build things from source, it ends up being more time consuming than it’s worth.  However, building Cairngorm was an easy one.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the Cairngorm src .zip
  2. Unzip into a folder on your machine
  3. Import the .project file into Flex Builder
  4. Hit Project -> Clean for a nice clean build

That’s it, look in the bin folder of the unzipped download.  Now try to add the newly compiled .swc to your projects.

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IE AutoComplete Passwords – Getting IE to remember you.

August 15, 2007 2 comments

IE Autocomplete PasswordsI had an interesting problem today with a site I’m working on.  The customer claimed that the IE AutoComplete feature, the part that asks to remember your passwords, did not appear after he entered his login information.  Initially, this seemed to be some kind of bug in IE, after all I couldn’t imagine simple <form> tags causing the issue.  First I thought it might be an IE issue and the settings would have to be restored.  Maybe the customer checked the box “don’t offer to remember any more passwords”.  I found a solution for that problem on a page that discusses all the registry hacks needed to be done in order to get this feature to work. After reading the steps to fix IE, I noticed that on my machine, all these settings were in place and the hack did not work.  Then I came back to the root of the problem, the <form> element on the page.

One of the “features” on the page is the ability to change your password on the login form.  That means you need to enter in your username/password and then additionally, a new password/new password confirmation.  I used some DHTML to set the style=display:none on and off.  By default the dispaly:none is set, so that you don’t initially see the new password fields.  However! although I haven’t seen anything to confirm this finding, I did notice when I took out the extra <input type=password> fields, the Autocomplete feature re-appeared.

So… in conclusion, it seems that the IE Autocomplete feature will get confused if there are more that one <input type=password> on the page.  To work around this problem, I am going to put the <div> that contains the <input type=password> for the new password/new password confirm fields outside of the main <form> tags.  Then I’ll use some javascript (probably prototype.js) to grab the html from outside of the <form> and inject it where and when needed.  This actually has a more intuitive result… on the initial login, the AutoComplete prompt is available.  When you change your password it is not.

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Returning a phone to T-Mobile

August 1, 2007 Leave a comment

I bought a phone from t-mobile because I wanted a local phone number. I’ve moved to a new city and still have my old numbers, so locals are sometimes reluctant to call because they don’t want to call long distance. So I called t-mobile, and asked what’s the most affortable option for having a local phone number added to my account? They told me to add another line to the family plan. “And that will have the local area code?” I asked, “I don’t need another NY based line, I really need a local number”. “No problem,” replies the salesman, “the phone number will reflect the zip code where the phone is sent”. As soon as the salesman said “no problem” I should have hung up the phone.

Trouble ensues as I leave on vacation the day after the phone arrives. When I look at the phone number, sure enough, it’s a NY number. Arggg… frustrating.

It’s not that much money, but still… the thought of being reminded every month that I’ve gotten screwed is enough to put into perspective how George W probably feels about the Iraq war.

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Diane Rehm Guilt

August 1, 2007 1 comment

The Diane Rehm show is on every weekday morning at 9AM here. That means as soon as I hear that grandmotherly voice… I know I’m running late. I need to keep the radio off.  Her voice makes me feel so guilty for being just a few minutes behind in dropping off my kid at school.

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CodeIgniter error

August 1, 2007 2 comments

Fatal error: Unknown function: get_instance() in Input.php on line 856

Just got this error in CodeIgniter on a form submission.  This one took me a few minutes to figure out.  In my case, a CI error appeared in the value attribute of a <input type=’hidden’> tag.  The error code sitting in the value caused this problem.

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