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January 3, 2006 3 comments

AIPTEK DV5700 5 Megapixel Pocket Digital CamcorderDo you remember the first video camera you ever put your hands on? I deem myself as lucky to have a grandfather who thought of himself as an early adopter. Back in the day we had one of those 2-boxers.. the ones with the 15 lbs camera on your right shoulder, and the 20 lbs recorder box slung over your left.

When I started working, I treated myself to a Sony Digital8, thinking that was going to last me a while. Now I’m sorry I ever bought it. It’s considered “large” and bulky, almost an embarassment to whip out in public. Also the digital transfer has been painful (except on a mac). Otherwise capturing video onto a PC always leaves me with some jumpy pixels at the top of the frame.

Finally I saw something interesting online. It was the AIPTEK IS-DV. The thing is tiny. But it’s a pleasure to carry around, and it’s cheap. The construction feels a little like a toy, and believe me, my 15 month old thinks it’s hers. Fortunately, she likes to play more with the velcro case that it comes with. That’s another small bonus, it comes with a few extras, like a tripod, velcro case, and all the cables you need for USB connectivity and RCA jacks.

The picture quality it pretty good outdoors. Stay away from low light if you can. I posted some clips that I took with the camera.

The best part is the memory card. SanDisk SD Card Gaming  1 GB With 1GB, I seem to have enough space for about 30-40 clips. Each clip running about a minute in duration. I haven’t used the camera for any long-term shoots like a weeding or a graduation. Since I like to edit the shot on my pc, I like to work with shorter clips to make the editing process smoother.

Overall, if you find yourself annoyed with camera bags, or missing ideal moments while taking out your camera, this product is for you. Easy to use and incredibly portable.

One more thing, the 5MP camera takes great photos as well.

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